Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Vogue House 90s Mix

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Deep In Vogue (remix)- MALCOLM MCLAREN

Romantic (sensuous mix)- KARYN WHITE
Express Yourself (non stop express mix)- MADONNA

Miss You Much (Shep's House Mix)- JANET JACKSON

Vogue (dripping wet remix)- MADONNA
House Of Love (12" mix)- RUPAUL

C'mon & Get My Love (spaghetti western mix)- Cathy Dennis

Queen's English (royal dub)- JOSE & LUIS
Crucified (extended mix)- ARMY OF LOVERS

Back To My Roots (Jerry Curl Juice dub)- RUPAUL

Touch Me All Night Long (hot trax)- Cathy Dennis
Good Beat (extended mix)- DEEE-LITE

Elements Of Vogue (Johnny Dynell mix)- D.I. Xtravaganza
Ride The Bullet (tren de amor mix)- ARMY OF LOVERS
Rescue Me (titanic vocal)- MADONNA

Supermodel (extended mix)- RUPAUL

Strange (house mix)- EN VOGUE
Vogue (new dub)- MADONNA

Viva La Vogue (edit)- ARMY OF LOVERS

Deep In Vogue (dior mix)- MALCOLM MCLAREN

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