Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Here's a LIVE Dj set of classic Industrial tracks from all the godfathers of EBM- spanning 95 minutes, there's a ton of dancefloor memories within...follow the link below to listen & download on Soundcloud- then check out the link for the Bird Ov Prey website from where the artwork was borrowed...

95 minutes
(listen & download here)

artwork by BIRD OV PREY

Stairs & Flowers (def wish mix)- SKINNY PUPPY
Don't Blow Your Top (12")- KMFDM
Down In It (shred 12")- NIN
Addiction (adrian sherwood mix)- SKINNY PUPPY
Nothing Stays (extended)- CYBERACTIF
Warsaw Ghetto (12")- NITZER EBB
Rubber Glove Seduction (12")- PTP
This Is What The Devil Does (12")- THRILL KILL KULT
Colosseum Crash (12")- A SPLIT SECOND
No Limit (disintegration mix)- FRONTLINE ASSEMBLY
Over The Shoulder (12")- MINISTRY
Getting Closer (trance mix)- NITZER EBB
New York New York (12")- MICROCHIP LEAGUE
The Bog (shot mix)- BIGOD-20
Never Stop (v1.0)- FRONT 242
Kooler Than Jesus (12")- THRILL KILL KULT
The Great Divide (razormaid)- PORTION CONTROL
Houseman (Germany Calling) 12"- VOYOU
Control I'm Here (command mix)- NITZER EBB
Body To Body (razormaid)- FRONT 242
No Name No Slogan (12")- ACID HORSE
Machineries Of Joy (wahre arbiet mix)- DIE KRUPPS
Join In The Chant (burn mix)- NITZER EBB
All Saints Day (12" remix)- SEVERED HEADS
Looking From A Hilltop (extended)- SECTION 25
Deep Down Trauma Hounds (12")- SKINNY PUPPY
Hallucination Generation (12")- GRUESOME TWOSOME
(Until Death) Us Do Part- FRONT 242
Everyday Is Halloween (Hot Tracks Mix)- MINISTRY
Tormentor (extended 12")- SKINNY PUPPY
Godlike (12")- KMFDM

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