Thursday, October 25, 2012

Remixed Classic Goth Monster Mix

(listen & download on Soundcloud)
3 Hours of old school goth/industrial club tracks 

Ubiquitous Mr Lovegrove (lovegroove mix)- DEAD CAN DANCE
Down In It (Jason Ryans Fun Mix)- NINE INCH NAILS
Lazy Calm (Baron Von Luxxury Mix)- COCTEAU TWINS
Addiction (Opium Mix)- SKINNY PUPPY
Enjoy The Silence (Ewan Pearsons mix) DEPECHE MODE
Fade To Grey (tickle mix)- VISAGE
Israel (Nanoteks rework)- SIOUXSIE
Ashes To Ashes (Roman's Angel Dust Edit) DAVID BOWIE
This Is What The Devil Does (Ebon Does Mix) THRILL KILL KULT
Headhunter (Roman's Paul Oakenfold edit) FRONT 242
Lady Shave (John Aquaviva's Robo-sapien Vox) FAD GADGET
Bela Lugosi's Dead (clay porter edit)- BAUHAUS
Lullaby (D'Luxe remix) THE CURE
Since Yesterday (absolewt mix) STRAWBERRY SWITCHBLADE
Love Will Tear Us Apart (Christian Strobe mix) JOY DIVISION
Ghosts (Vibrantz remix) JAPAN
Strange Kind Of Love (pablo cornejo mix) PETER MURPHY
The One I Love (Blake Jerell mix) R.E.M.
Half A Person (Josh Patrick mix) THE SMITHS
Lips Like Sugar (Way Out West mix) PSYCHEDELIC FURS
Just Like Heaven (Roman's Ronario & Webb edit) THE CURE
Send Me An Angel (Roman's A1 remix edit) REAL LIFE
Head Like A Hole (Dunproofin Disco mix) NINE INCH NAILS
Master & Servant (Satisfaction remix) DEPECHE MODE
Welcome To Paradise (global sleepers remix) FRONT 242
Days Of Swine & Roses (Roman's DFuse & MHiratzka edit) THRILL KILL KULT
Control (Amplitude Main Mix) NITZER EBB
Kyoto Song (DJ Ernan Edited Nightmare Mix) THE CURE
All Night Long (Sergio Iranzo Remix) -PETER MURPHY
Love Missile ( Westbam Remix ) SIGUE SIGUE SPUTNIK
Temple of Love (electro mix)  SISTERS OF MERCY
Love (sprokets hurtem mix) SKINNY PUPPY
Stigmata Martyr (Dance mix) BAUHAUS
Something To Do (Black Strobe Mix) DEPECHE MODE
The Walk (infusion mix) THE CURE
Getting Closer (Black Strobe Ebm mix) NITZER EBB
Lightning Man (Motor Remix) NITZER EBB
Only (Richard X Mix) NINE INCH NAILS
Lucretia My Reflection (Dogstars Reflection Dub) SISTERS OF MERCY
Happy House (SirBilly Miami Hommage Re-Edit) SIOUXSIE
Somnium (Sleepless Nights Remix) CHRISTIAN DEATH
Blue Bell Knoll (Paris Healey/ Wunderstation mixes) COCTEAU TWINS
Ubiquitous Mr Lovegrove (dance mix 2) DEAD CAN DANCE
Dressed In Black (Nackt und Fukt Mix) DEPECHE MODE

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