Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Animotion vs Madonna
Recorded & mixed by DJ Roman
Engineered by Jay Pellizzi

OBSESSION vs VOGUE dance remix
2 tracks that I always thought had a similar effect musically. Lots of horns and crashing punctuation, they were just asking to be interwoven. Madonna's Vogue is now 20 years old (ugh!) and now featured on the tv show "GLEE"-- so a club revival is in order.
Old 12" vinyl recordings are hard to work with, especially when combined with another track that is of stellar quality- so Animotion's 12" version proved to be a challenge. We pulled out a few tricks in the studio though and managed to marry these two tracks into a happy union. 9 minutes that ranges from dance to rock and back again.

click to listen/ right click to download track:
OBSESSION (Roman's Monster Sounds mix)- MADONNAMOTION

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