Saturday, February 14, 2009


Ok so here's one more dancey medley i conjured up from my vault of horrors...modern indie -dance- pop- orbital be-bobits called the WILDCAT mix. it's a little roughly mixed but its fun none the less:

(download link)
Shit Scheisse Merde, Pt. 1 *!!!
Wildcat *Ratatat
I Used To Dance With My Daddy (Sugar Daddy-o Remix) *Datarock
We Rule The World (T.H.E.H.I.V.E.S.) *The Hives
Out The Door (In Flagranti Remix) *who made who
Summertime Cowboy (Serge Santiago Remix) *Husky Rescue
marble house (rex the dog remix) *The Knife
Get Innocuous! (Soulwax Remix) *LCD Soundsystem
Future *Cut Copy
My Party (Kenna & Chad Hugo Remix) *Kings Of Leon
Vanished * Crystal Castles
The Kids From Orange County * Moving Units

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